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Lakukan Pendanaan Sekarang

Loan Growth

Since launching, more than Rp. 400 billion of loans have been originated in less than a year. In 2019, we target the loans to continue to grow 3X through strategic partnership with various enterprises.

Our Unique Strengths

Sound Financials

Backed by one of Indonesia’s leading group of companies, the safety of your money is our utmost priority.

Solid Teamwork

Our team is led by experts across various industries.

Strategic Partnership

Our lending model leverages partnership with stakeholders of each borrower to minimize risk of default. This enables us to accurately verify each borrower’s identity, credit history, financial health, and employer (if applicable).

Social Value

Our loan portfolio focuses on helping low-income entrepreneurs rebuild their lives. We invite you to make a small loan and make a big difference!


Loan Portfolio

Auto Lend

It’s easy to lend through Pohon Dana. You simply fill in the forms to let us know your preference, and our platform lets you lend automatically. Start Now

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